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Customer Comments

Here are just some of our satisfied customer comments:


8-3-04 3

  • "There has been a marked improvement in the operation of all of our systems and all of our units were brought up to their optimum performance since EES has taken over our HVAC equipment."


  • "All (employees) have conducted themselves to very high standards, have been very polite, professional and, have represented your company to a very impressive level with their knowledge and skills...Keep up the good work!"


  • "Your efforts over the last 4 years have helped reduce our electrical consumption by 21% or 13.0 million kWh per year.  That equates to 15.0 million lbs of coal or 28.1 lbs of CO2 per year saved.  The vast majority of that is due to controls and new RTUs."  


  • " I would also like to let you know that all of the guys that worked on the installation did a great job.  The work site was always clean and safe and thge installation looks good.  Our loaders mentioned that they too felt that everyone did a great job."  cust10


  • " Did not get one complaint from anyone about EES crews.  Every safety rule was followed.  All lab personnel, safety personnel, engineering personnel completely satisfied."
  • "The work above the lab looks really good, your men are doing a nice job.  I spoke will Colleen and Jason in the lab and they said your guys have been neat and tidy inside.  Express our appreciation for doing a good job.  


If you are experiencing lackluster service, join our satisfied customers and give EES Facility Services a call or click here to email Martin! 

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